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What days and times should we avoid scheduling our Catholic wedding?

You may schedule your wedding for any day or time you like except for Good Friday and Holy Saturday during Triduum. You may also want to avoid scheduling your wedding during Advent (the time from four Sundays before Christmas through Christmas Eve) or Lent (the penitential period of about forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter); weddings held during these times should take into account the fact that the whole Church is observing a special period of penance.

Your pastor may advise you to "tone down" your wedding if you choose to hold it during this period, and a wedding Mass held on a Saturday evening or Sunday during these periods will have to include the readings for that Sunday rather than readings of your own choosing.

Finally, be aware that your local parish may limit the times and days when you may celebrate your wedding, for practical reasons. You should definitely coordinate a date with your parish before reserving that reception hall!

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Liturgical Year Calendars
This page offers a link to the liturgical year calendar for the current year as well as the next two years. Check these calendars for the dates of Advent and Lent as well as major feasts and holy days of obligation. Also find the lectionary readings for every day (useful if you plan to use the Scripture readings from the lectionary during your wedding rather than choosing your own).

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